Supporting Brazil is to fight for a fair and sovereign country.

On the next June 12th , Brazil will be dominated by football, because it will begin the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which brings pride to millions of Brazilians. Some of them garnish the houses, streets and stores. There is a great expectation for this competition by the population. They expect that Brazil will be, one more time, the champion of this World Cup. In spite of polemics about the convocation and the real quality of football players , we will support them for they “make it rain”.

However, many facts, denounced bellow, show us that government, so-called democratic, want to use our passion for football against the workers.

Watch the video produced by the Unity of Action Front, organized by dozens of Trade Unions, Social and Minority movements (read the list at the end of the video),

 where it is denounced the action of the Brazilian government in favor of the big business while the workers and the poor are attacked by its policy. All of this when the country sponsors the FIFA World Cup and these injustices are highlighted by the brutal repression of the police against the demonstrations carried on by activists and communities.